Sealing of a leaking pipe penetration, bushing, building connection line, house lateral with a swellable, elastic PUR injection resin HydroBloc 575 Integral from ARCAN

Sealing of a leaking pipe penetration / wall bushing with injection resin.

This method is suitable for all pipes or feed throughs and create a permanenent waterproof collar around the leaking pipe. The advantage is the swellability combined with flexability. This special features enable the use in advanced surroundings. This could be pipes with a hot or cold medium inside, or pipes which contains cables. This is the final solution for all sealing tasks around pipes.

waterproofing of a leaking pipe penetration with ARCAN PUR injection resin with swellability and elasticity


Procedure and Preparation

  • excavate the pipe and remove concrete or mortar
    • circular app .30 – 40 mm wide.
    • 60 – 80 mm deep
  • Remove dirt and concret left overs from the pipe surface
  • In case of flowing water drill in 45° angle into the back part of the cavity to release the water. (Ø= 10 – 13 mm)
  • Komprischaum 130 is an injectable foam structure, available in strips a 30 x 70 x 2000 mm. It works like a scaffolding – the resin spreads controlled inside of the foam structure. This Komprischaum strip will be dunked into water and the inserted into the cavity around the pipe, like a collar. The ends must befixed together with wire.
  • Close the opening with Silipox Baukleber 824 (Epoxy glue) or SealFix 930 Expansion mortar (swellable mortar for drilling hole closing).
  • let a ventilation hole in the upper part, this is necessary to release the air meanwhile injection
  • Let it cure

Injection with HydroBloc 575 Integral

  • Inject the Komprischaum collar with HydroBloc 575 Integral, the swellable and elastic PUR resin.  Do not use too much pressure. 10 bar are more than sufficient.
  • The HydroBloc 575 Integral is  ready to use resin. Therefore it doesn´t need acceleration or mixing. Just open the can and start pumping. The material will cure immediately with the humidity in the Komprischaum ( dunked into water before placing inside the hole)

Most of all this method guarantees a hazzle free waterproofing!

ARCAN ….. always one step ahead

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