Injection resins: The alternative to unwanted foaming reaction

Uncontrolled foaming cause problems.

The mayor problem caused by PU resins, is uncontrolled foaming in contact with humidity or water. This foaming is not controlled, it is a side effect! The waterproofing properties of the foamed resin are nearly zero.

These resins are called Kombiharze / Combi resins. The word “combination” tries to suggest that the foaming is an advantage. However, this is not the fact.

After the first injection and the foaming of the resin, the same resin should be injected again. The problem is the porous foam blocks the path and a proper injection is nearly impossible.

Is there an alternative? YES

We use non foaming but swellable PU resins for crack injection!


Because they are in many ways advantageous compared to classic Pu resins.

  • Non foaming
  • No viscosity increase, stay “fresh” all the time – react in the wall not in the pump
  • Swellable – volume increase after curing, in contact with water.
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Compensate the change in cross section of cracks and joints automatically – auto repair effect

Integral resins are a product development from ARCAN. Integral stands for integrated and means this resins contain everything in just 1 component.

Integral resins are ready to use materials. No mixing, no accelerator, no B component etc. just open the lid and start the job.

HydroBloc Integral 575 is a swellable and elastic material. Because it needs humidity for curing, it never cures in the pump. The material stays low viscos until the end of injection process!

With a swellable, elastic resin such as Integral, it is no longer necessary to inject old-fashioned materials.

Integral 575 enters the structure and while it is pumped through it “collects” water and start curing.

This system will always react because there is always humidity available. More water means faster reaction.

This video shows the waterstop at a hydropower dam, just with Integral 575 without any other material such as waterstop or similar.

Waterstop Injection with HydroBloc Integral 575

Product Video HydroBloc Integral 575

HydroBloc 575 Integral – TDS